What is Breadcrumbs and Importance for SEO

Breadcrumbs are navigational aids for customers on your site. From an SEO perspective, breadcrumbs are an essential parameter that helps Google in working out the structure of your site. That’s why you need to always try to incorporate breadcrumbs on your site designs.

Which are Breadcrumbs?

The name was picked up from the popular children’s narrative in the story, Hansel and Gretel. In the story, drops pieces of bread on the floor to help them find their way back. Similarly, in websites, breadcrumbs are small text avenues located on the webpages, to help users find their specific location on a web site. Every connection shown in the breadcrumb trail is clickable, giving the user a way to navigate back and forth or move back to the homepage.

You could also view breadcrumbs appearing in Google Searches. Thus, users searching for your products or services can easily understand the information structure of your site by taking a look at breadcrumbs in search results. You can also get help from a professional Dallas SEO Company to improve your website traffic and get more potential customers.

Types of Breadcrumbs

Implementation of breadcrumbs for SEO purposes varies from site to website. Here are the three most frequent kinds of breadcrumbs in use today.

  1. Hierarchy based breadcrumbs

These are the most frequent type of breadcrumbs on websites. These paths specify your site arrangement by dividing webpages within a hierarchical sequence i.e. Homepage>Category>Sub-Category>Merchandise or Service.

  1. Attribute-based breadcrumbs

Normally, these breadcrumbs are used on e-commerce platforms. With attribute-based breadcrumbs you can direct users to a specific product by structuring data according to product attributes e.g. Homepage>Products>Size>Color.

  1. History-based breadcrumbs

All these breadcrumbs offer simplified navigation by directing users back and forth as they browse on a web site. E.g. Home>Blog>Post>Next Post> Previous Post.

Advantages of Getting Breadcrumbs on Your Website

Breadcrumbs offer a definitive SEO advantage for your website. Here is why you should have them.

  1. Advantageous in Google Search

Google is constantly refining its algorithms to rank webpages that are relevant and user-friendly. Breadcrumbs not only help in structuring your sites properly but also incorporate a measure of user-friendliness to them, consequently gaining preferential treatment from the search giant. It is possible to increase the chances of your breadcrumbs looking in search results with the addition of structured data.

  1. Improves User Experience

As stated above, breadcrumbs include refinement to your site’s browsing experience for general users. A user can quickly move back and forth or find his way from a section with breadcrumbs, thus generating more applicable sessions for each consumer for you.

  1. Lowers Bounce Rates

Users are unlikely to move from your website if they find what they are looking for. With breadcrumbs in the search results, users may easily land on a related page, thus reducing your average bounce rate.

The Right Way to Employ Breadcrumbs on Your Sites

Here are the best practices for successful breadcrumb implementation.

  1. Only use breadcrumb navigation when it suits your website’s structure.

In case there are lower-level pages on your website which are reachable from separate landing pages, breadcrumb navigation is only going to increase the confusion of the users since they keep trying to access the exact pages from various entry points. Furthermore, in case you have a relatively simple site, it will not make sense to utilize breadcrumb navigation.

  1. Do not display breadcrumbs in a large or prominent format.

Remember, the breadcrumb navigation is only a secondary tool that betters the consumer experience on your site. So, breadcrumbs shouldn’t be overly long or appear too prominently on your pages.

  1. Always include the total path on your breadcrumbs’ menu.

Should you leave out specific levels in the hierarchy, it will confuse the breadcrumb path will not be as helpful for them as it should be. Thus, ensure that you are giving your users, an easy way to research your site.

  1. Breadcrumb navigation should go from the highest level to the lowest.

In web development and SEO, things work left to right. So, be certain that your breadcrumb navigation menu adheres to the recognized principles of website design. The link closest to the left ought to be the beginning of the breadcrumb trail along with the highest-level page. Dallas SEO Company is always ready to help you to set breadcrumb navigation from the highest level to the lowest.

  1. Match the breadcrumb titles along with your page titles.

Keeping page names and breadcrumb menu titles consistent will assist in clarity for the consumer and will even score you a few search engine optimization brownie points with Google.

Sites Where Breadcrumb Implementation is Useful:

  • E-Commerce and Online Shopping Websites
  • Massive Blogs
  • Knowledge bases
  • Complex Sites
  • Sites with Lots of Inner Pages
  • Web Applications
  • Sites with Lots of Inner Pages

In Conclusion

If you have read the story of Hansel and Gretel, then you will know that laying out breadcrumbs did not save them from getting lost in the jungle. The same goes for SEO optimization and site designs. Great breadcrumb navigation is just a small part of your SEO efforts and there are several different things that have to be taken care of through web development. Dallas SEO experts and web developers can help you organize your website structure according to industry best practices. So, get in touch with us in ioVista. Inc to make sure you are telling your stories right.

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