Things to Do and Don’t Do for the Perfect Landing Page

PPC landing pages are something that every business struggles with. While they might appear simple in concept, their execution is frequently less than desired.

Bad execution might be because several different departments can get involved with the creation of a single landing page.

Each part of a company can have a different agenda for the landing page. Customer service wants to highlight their warranty plan. IT wants to stick with its ordinary web template, and also the legal team wishes to place the company’s policies within an attention-grabbing place.

So many competing interests.

How do you, as the company’s PPC expert, maybe make visitors convert amidst these competing agendas?

As you know, a PPC landing page can’t do everything on its own.

So how do you balance these different goals?

Begin with these do and don’ts of this ideal PPC landing page. Here are the do’s, first.

Things to Do for PPC Landing Page

  1. Make Sure That Your Headline, CTA and Offer all of Align

These things must align to prevent confusion among people. Remember this rule: confusion is awful for conversions.

To bring more clarity to your landing page, then follow this principle: the copy should be about the consumer.

Go over the results and benefits for the users who decide to take action. And most importantly, don’t forget to keep the writing clear and straightforward.

Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. You might need to begin working with a pay per click experts such as Dallas SEO agency. It takes experience to understand how to write compelling copy, stick to the main point of the webpage, and come at it from the perspective of prospective customers.

  1. Improve Your Website Design and Graphics

Good web copy is essential — but so are the images and design. They need to meet specific criteria to not undermine the compelling content that you have written.

The first rule is that you need to use images that are relevant to your offer. If you are selling a book, then you want a photo of this book.

Sounds simple, but this doesn’t always happen for various PPC offers.

The next and final thing that you need to know regarding design is that often a simple landing page design is all you need, supported with a clear and bold CTA button.

  1. Show Your Product In Motion

Videos can work wonders for conversions, especially when offering hard to describe products or services.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should stick any old video onto your landing page. On the contrary. Videos, like images, have to be as important as possible to this goal of your landing page.

  1. A/B Test Trust Signals

All these are items that signal trust. They could include testimonials, expect seals, etc…

You don’t have to clutter your page with them. Even just one or two good ones can trick visitors over the border and into your sales funnel.

Your landing page may not desire them, but you should test them first.

  1. Utilize Your ThankYou Page

Not only is saying thank you for the polite thing to do, but it’s also the right thing to do!

What do we mean with that?

Well, your business may, as an example, want to incorporate a lot of different links on your landing page.

Instead of doing that though, save a few of those links and call to actions for your thank you page!

In this manner, you can have your cake and eat it as well.

Keep your landing page clean. And remember this: conversion does not have to finish the conversation!

  1. A Landing Page Is Not Set In Stone

You need to expect possible immunity from the own company to landing page revisions or new landing page additions.

After all, landing pages are a big deal to the company’s bottom line, and signify a substantial change — and change can remain scary.

Additionally, many firms also collaborate at length before publishing a landing page. Redoing them can be an alarming prospect.

So to sell the idea to your company, start by implementing a number of the vital changes. Maybe the results of those changes can help them determine that your point of view is better…

Things to Don’t Do for PPC Landing Page

  1. Leave Distractions

Distractions contain external links, social media links, sidebars, site menus, etc… These are (or must be) a clear no-no.

After all, why would you want to lead your prospects astray when you have got them right where you need them?

Do not allow prospects to get lost in the woods, because they may not return.

  1. Don’t Crowd Your Landing Page With Different Agendas

Finally, we come full circle to our first point, the most critical part of creating a perfect PPC landing page.

The goal of a PPC landing page should be over all else conversions.

Numerous agendas on your PPC landing page may hinder this goal.

Which are conversions?

Conversions in B2C means selling your product or service.

Conversions in B2B, on the other hand, could mean any of the following: capturing an email address, signing them up for a webinar, or having them download a freebie such as an eBook.

You don’t need to “oversell” on a landing page by introducing multiple distinct options. Having “contact us, read this article, read that post, examine our newest service offering,” and so on, will only clutter your PPC landing page.

If you would like to create several different calls to action, then you’ll want to create many different landing pages. Makes sense right?

It is a whole lot easier than it sounds, especially once you have already come up with your landing page design template.


While this advice will give you a fantastic start in generating the perfect PPC landing page, it’s by no means a comprehensive list, nor will each tip here work for every company. You will need to test these ideas out for yourself and see how they pan out in your PPC accounts.

After all, PPC could be full of surprises. Each PPC marketer has seen things that shouldn’t work, and matters which should work, not function in any way.

Even if these are the ideal principles for the majority of PPC specialists, individual companies may do some things differently.

Please spread the word, and let us try and get each business on board with these fundamentals.

If you are ready to start working with a pay per click firm, ioVista Inc will be glad to assist. Contact us for more details.

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