Know More About Working With PPC Ecommerce Agency

You are either looking for an eCommerce PPC agency for the first time or you have been working with one in the past and wish to build a stronger relationship.

Leveraging eCommerce advertising is a great way to increase reach, brand awareness, and conversions. We’re sharing four tips that will help you build a strong relationship with your agency partner and increase your marketing ROI.

Here are 4 tips to help you work with an agency when managing eCommerce PPC

  1. Look for a reputable PPC agency
  2. Keep in touch with your agency partner
  3. Identify the goals of your company
  4. Report on key metrics and track them

Find a reputable PPC agency

Look for PPC agencies that are trustworthy and then search their websites to find out the specific PPC services they offer. Look at their blogs to find out more about their expertise. Or, look into their case studies to see the success stories of past clients. This will allow you to get a better idea of the future potential for your company’s success.

Browse their client portfolio to see the results of their work for clients. To see if previous clients were happy with the experience with the agency, you can also browse client testimonials. Reach out to the agency if you find a working example that matches your company’s needs, or a testimonial from a client that you feel is relevant to what you are trying to achieve.

Keep in touch with your agency partner

Most eCommerce PPC management agencies don’t have a dedicated team to research your industry. Instead, they have a team that specializes in managing PPC for clients from different industries. Your colleagues and your team are the experts in your field, as they know what happens at your company every day.

Discuss the Seasonality Components in Your Business

From the very beginning, ensure that your agency partner is familiar with the seasonality in your industry. They should be kept informed about price changes, promotions, and the addition/removal of products. It is possible to include the price of a product in your ad copy. This is a good part of your PPC strategy. Inform your contact at the agency if your company changes the price of a product.

Be sure to not spend advertising dollars on products that are no longer in stock. Keep in touch with the contact at the agency if your company adds new products to its catalog. It may be worth creating targeted ads for a new product.

Let your agency partner know if your company has any promotions or limited-time offers. This will allow them to optimize your ad copy and increase website traffic. Your advertising calendar should be submitted to agencies as soon as possible.

For a stronger and more efficient PPC strategy, you should leave that to the PPC specialists at the agency. After all, their job is to help you to increase eCommerce conversion rate, so don’t forget to trust their recommendations.

Share your most profitable products and average gross margin

Successful eCommerce PPC management requires effective communication with your agency partner. Advertising your most profitable products will help your agency partner achieve the best return on their marketing investment. These product lines are a great way to boost online sales by using highly targeted ads. Also, inform your partner about your average gross margin. This will allow them to determine your ideal cost per unit.

Identify the goals of your company

Clearly defining your company’s goals is an essential part of eCommerce PPC management. Driving website traffic is important, but it is just as important to attract qualified and relevant people who will convert. Your team will be able to communicate your company’s goals clearly with your agency partner once they have a solid understanding of your company. This will help you establish expectations from the beginning of your agency-client relationship.

Here are some common goals if you don’t know what you want from your PPC plan:

  • Increase brand exposure
  • Use Facebook Ads to Your Advantage

Optimizing your eCommerce advertising strategy is a great way to increase brand awareness and expose your brand to new audiences. You can advertise your eCommerce store across a number of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Gmail, and Google. Discuss which platforms are most important for your business with your agency partner.

Some eCommerce businesses have seen serious results from Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to create highly targeted ads using a variety of formats. You can target users based on their location, gender, interests, and many other factors.

Keep track of key metrics and report on them

Link your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts to enable conversion tracking. Discuss with your agency partner what metrics you would like to see in reports. This is similar to how you refer to your KPIs and goals – ensure that you are tracking metrics that match your goals.

Reports can take time so make sure to only include the most important information. This will allow your agency partner the opportunity to make adjustments to your company’s paid advertising performance. Each report from a great agency should include suggestions and next steps.


These eCommerce PPC management tips will help you communicate effectively with the agency that you select. Although it is great to suggest keywords and ad copy, don’t try running the show.

Remember, agencies have teams of PPC experts available to improve PPC landing page performance. Be patient and trust their ability to produce results.

PPC accounts don’t explode overnight. It can take time to find the right PPC strategy for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our eCommerce PPC services and how we can help, don’t hesitate to ask any questions below. Our team is happy to discuss your business and help you.

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