How To Promote Your Business – Tips & Tricks

Today we’re going to discuss time-saving tips for promoting and conducting your online event. I’m going to concentrate on nonprofits here, but actually, all of our businesses can study a thing or two from nonprofits and nonprofits can certainly learn a thing or two from businesses as well. In my view, a good company runs with all the servitude of a nonprofit, and also a great nonprofit runs like a business with a big heart. So company listeners, do not just tune this out because there are some fantastic nuggets in here for you also. Today I will go over five ideas that can help you save time while promoting and running your online event.

Tip – 1 Make it simple.

While I say make it easy, I suggest trying to not overcomplicate things. Among the things which take a lot of time when organizing an online event is the tech behind it. So the simpler you can make it, the simpler and less time consuming it’s likely to be. Not to mention, less expensive.

  • Simple Virtual Fundraisers

For example, my friend Carrie Hopkins who works at Coyote Hill kept their online fundraiser very straightforward. Each year Coyote Hill includes a pancake breakfast. But this year, they needed to take it online because of COVID-19 and twist it out fast. What was awesome is all they did was say, hey, cook pancakes, eat them together, and then make a donation. They raised $23,250 with their online pancake breakfast this year! This past year, they only increased $7,900. That’s almost 3 times as much and they didn’t even need to feed people, the people fed themselves. Super simple!

  • Remain in your comfort zone.

I know this is the opposite life advice you’ve always been given but stay in your comfort zone to keep it simple. What I mean is when you are not utilized to performing Facebook Lives or you’re not utilized to being in front of a video camera, then do not put that in your marketing mix at the moment. Focus on the things you are comfortable doing and you’ve done time and time again which have functioned. These are the things you can do to make it easy.

Tip – 2 Lean into your existing assets.

Moving on to number two is lean into your current assets. I talk about assets a lot. Assets are all the things you already have, so you’re likely to utilize them. If you already have a Facebook group or a Facebook page, then use that advantage the most to promote this event. If what you’ve are physical mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses, then these are the things that you’re going to use. You do not need to build a new asset just to promote your online occasion — use what you already have.

  • Recycle your content

Take a look at the things you did to promote your event last year, especially if it’s something you’re moving online like the pancake breakfasts Kerry held. There’s nothing wrong with recycling your old marketing resources. If you need a flyer designed, take a screenshot of a part of this flyer and utilize it as the pictures to your social media posts. You don’t have to create everything from scratch. So lean into the situations you’ve got and recycled them to save yourself time.

Tip – 3 Write all emails and social posts in bulk.

For tip number three, you’re going to compose all your emails along with your social posts in bulk. Especially if you go back to this past year and determine what you wrote. Use what worked well and lean into it. Just copy those emails, use them again this year.

Now for your social posts, what I’d suggest you do is go through and determine how many times you’re going to be publishing and what number of articles you are going to make each day. Then out there, think about the sorts of posts you’re likely to make. Some of those posts you can create a template for, and just fill in the blanks as you proceed.

Here are 3 reasons why moving through and writing everything ahead of time will save you time.

Reason – 1 When you get into gear and you are writing, it’s quicker to write them all together, rather than doing them one at a time. When I sat right down and write a month’s worth of social networking, I can get it done in three hours. If I publish things separately, sometimes it requires me 22 to 30 minutes to write one post. It saves you time as your brain is at that place and it might roll out amazing stuff. You can interrelate the posts into one another and it seems sensible to you along with your readers because the articles will correlate and sound similar.

Reason – 2. Creating content beforehand will save time when you are on the fly. You don’t have to rethink it or find extra info. You just plunk in the information and proceed.

Reason – 3 It’s going to save time for next year since this isn’t the only time you are likely to run an event on the online, you would run this event every year. Think back to other adventures you’ve had conducting fundraisers. Sometimes the first year, it is hard to put it up off the ground because people aren’t familiar with it. Then the second year, it is simpler. The third-year it’s even simpler, then you start rolling. Next year, when you have already developed these things on your own, you can reuse them. Remember, we’re gone lean into our current assets. That means you will pull them out next season and operate this design so much simpler because you’ve already done the job and made sure it had been organized this year.

Tip – 4 Automate as Much as humanly possible.

Number four is to automate it. Some people today send out real-time personal thank you emails. I love the ones, the more personal you can get, the better yet if you’re very short on time, then consider automating that first thank you mails.

I’m not saying do not send a thank you letter, or personalized video later. But at the moment, if you do not have time, you can automate the initial thank you. You could even automate reminder emails for individuals the event is occurring and you can automate your societal posts by scheduling them ahead of time. Well, those you are not writing on the fly.

  • Magical Mail Merger

When I’m writing my personal thank you letters or putting together a personal thank you email, we use mail merge. You can mail merge from Google Sheets into Gmail, you can also email merge from Excel to Microsoft Word. So if, as you are going through and collecting those donations, you keep tabs on everybody or you’ve got a way to export them into a spreadsheet. Then you can merge information in with your thank you letter. It saves so much time because you don’t need to sort everyone’s name outside or worry about if their addresses are right.

Tip – 5 Learn from the successes of others.

Last but not least, number five is learning from the successes of others. Among the greatest things that you can do to save time is to find somebody else who’s done what you’re trying to do, and give them a call. Say, “Hey, what can you do? How did it operate? Was it something you’d do again? What do you do about it in the future?”

If you’re short on time, but not short on funds, then you could have an event planner help facilitate this online event for you. You don’t necessarily need to do the entire thing all on your own. You don’t need to find out the technology in case you can have somebody help you. By Way of Example, one of our clients, the Community Foundation of Central Missouri recently established a COVID-19 Regional Relief Fund. And to kick off this finance, they held a virtual telethon. Since they are a super small organization, they contracted with a vendor to provide the technology, project management, and event management behind this virtual telethon. They had to spend $3,000 for this business to allow them to assist with the telethon. But they received over $30,000 in contributions in the telethon. They more than paid for that and they would not have managed to do it on their own.

Now begin planning!

That’s it! Those are my five tips. We did our research and accumulated ideas from nonprofits that are successfully increasing donations online.

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